On Feb 19, 2015, at 13:38, Terry Wilson <twil...@redhat.com> wrote:

> We've currently just disabled the pylint gate tests, and I've posted a patch 
> for neutron to resolve the issue. Looks like there was a similar patch 
> already up for review as well, though it only catches one of our uses of 
> novaclient. There's still a bit of an issue that there is no version-neutral 
> way to import the 'contrib' stuff like there is for 'client'. So:
> from novaclient.v1_1.contrib import server_external_events
> has to become
> from novaclient.v2.contrib import server_external_events
> which doesn't work on previous versions of novaclient. It's possible to hack 
> around it using importutils, but it's pretty ugly.

Thanks, Terry. I'm glad you brought up the lack of version-neutral way to 
import 'contrib' modules. That's something we'll look to improve.

melanie (melwitt)

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