Hi all,

this is a reflection of the discussion I just had on #openstack-infra; it's 
about (re-)using the central CI infrastructure for our Open-Source DRBD 
driver too.

The current status is:
 * The DRBD driver is already in Cinder, so DRBD-replicated Cinder storage
   using iSCSI to the hypervisors does work out-of-the-box.
 * The Nova-parts didn't make it in for Kilo; we'll try to get them into L.
 * I've got a lib/backends/drbd for devstack, that together with a matching 
   local.conf can set up a node - at least for a limited set of 
   distributions (as DRBD needs a kernel module, Ubuntu/Debian via DKMS are 
   the easy way).
   [Please note that package installation is not yet done in this script 
   yet - I'm not sure whether I can/may/should simply add an 

Now, clarkb told me about two caveats:

  «Yup, so the two things I will start with is that multinode testing is 
   still really rudimentary, we only just got tempest sort of working with 
   it. So I might suggest running on a single node first to get the general 
   thing working.

   The other thing is that we don't have the zuul code to vote with 
   a different account deployed/merged yet. So initially you could run your 
   job but it wouldn't vote against, say, cinder.»

Cinder has a deadline for CI: March 19th; upon relaying that fact (resp. 
nearly correct date) clarkb said

  «thats about 3 weeks... probably at least for the zuul thing.»

So, actually it's nearly 4 weeks, let's hope that it all works out.

Actually, the multi-node testing will only be needed when we get the Nova 
parts in, because then it would make sense to test (Nova) via both iSCSI 
and the DRBD transport; for Cinder CI a single-node setup is sufficient.

My remaining questions are:
 * Is it possible to have our driver tested via the common infrastructure?
 * Is it okay to setup another apt-repository during the devstack run,
   to install the needed packages? I'm not sure whether our servers
   would simply be accessible, some firewall or filtering proxy could
   break such things easily.
 * Apart from the cinder-backend script in devstack (which I'll have to 
   finish first, see eg. package installation), is any other information 
   needed from us?

Thank you for your feedback and any help you can offer!



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