Anita Kuno <> writes:

> I'd like to make sure that if Infra is saying that CI jobs on drivers
> can gate that this is a substantial difference from what I have been
> saying for a year, specifically that they can't and won't.

For the purposes of this conversation, the distinction between drivers
and any other type of project is not important.  The only thing that can
not gate is a CI system other than the one we run.  That's not a change.

Again, most driver CI systems are third-party systems because they must
be for technical reasons (and therefore, they can not gate for that
reason).  If they can be run upstream, there's no reason they can't
gate.  And there are some instances where we would be strongly advised
to -- the "default open-source" driver for a system, for instance.  Most
of those happen to be in-tree at the moment.


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