Once the gate settles down this week I’ll be sending up a major 
“big bang” patch to Tempest that will tag all of the tests with unique
identifiers, implementing this spec: 


The work in progress is here, and includes a change to the gate that
every test developer should be aware of.


All tests will now require a UUID metadata identifier, generated from the
uuid.uuid4 function. The form of the identifier is a decorator like:


To aid in hacking rules, the @test.meta decorator must be directly before the
function definition and after the @test.services decorator, which itself
must appear after all other decorators.

The gate will now require that every test have a uuid that is indeed

This work is meant to give a stable point of reference to tests that will
persist through test refactoring and moving.

Chris Hoge
Interop Engineer
OpenStack Foundation
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