Maybe I'm misreading review.o.o, but I don't see the -2. There was a -2 from 
Salvatore Orlando with the comment "The -2 on this patch is only to deter 
further comments" and a link to 140292, but 140292 has a comment from Kyle 
saying it's been abandoned in favor of going back to 96149. Are we in a loop 

We're moving forward internally with proprietary mechanisms for attaching 
analyzers but it sure would be nice if there were a standard API. Anybody who 
thinks switches don't need SPAN/mirror ports has probably never working in 
Operations on a real production network where SLAs were taken seriously and 

I know there's been a lot of heated discussion around this spec for a variety 
of reasons, but there isn't an enterprise class hardware switch on the market 
that doesn't support SPAN/mirror. Lack of this capability is a glaring omission 
in Neutron that keeps Operations type folks opposed to using it because it 
causes them to lose visibility that they've had for ages. We're getting a lot 
of pressure to continue deploying hardware analyzers and/or deploy 
non-OpenStack mechanisms for implementing tap/SPAN/mirror capability when I'd 
much rather integrate the analyzers into OpenStack.

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