I think Kyle's auto-abandon script made a mistake in this case, unless it
was seeing into the future and saw it's own -2... :)

More seriously, have you considered starting a tap-as-a-service project on
stackforge now that the services split has established a framework for
advanced services? Uploading the code you are using to do it is a great way
to get people motivated to try it, propose new features, critique it, etc.
If you can't upload it because your approach would be proprietary, then
would upstream support even be relevant?

On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 3:01 PM, CARVER, PAUL <pc2...@att.com> wrote:

> Maybe I'm misreading review.o.o, but I don't see the -2. There was a -2
> from Salvatore Orlando with the comment "The -2 on this patch is only to
> deter further comments" and a link to 140292, but 140292 has a comment from
> Kyle saying it's been abandoned in favor of going back to 96149. Are we in
> a loop here?
> We're moving forward internally with proprietary mechanisms for attaching
> analyzers but it sure would be nice if there were a standard API. Anybody
> who thinks switches don't need SPAN/mirror ports has probably never working
> in Operations on a real production network where SLAs were taken seriously
> and enforced.
> I know there's been a lot of heated discussion around this spec for a
> variety of reasons, but there isn't an enterprise class hardware switch on
> the market that doesn't support SPAN/mirror. Lack of this capability is a
> glaring omission in Neutron that keeps Operations type folks opposed to
> using it because it causes them to lose visibility that they've had for
> ages. We're getting a lot of pressure to continue deploying hardware
> analyzers and/or deploy non-OpenStack mechanisms for implementing
> tap/SPAN/mirror capability when I'd much rather integrate the analyzers
> into OpenStack.
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> Gonçalves; YAMAMOTO Takashi; Ryan Moats; Pino de Candia; Isaku Yamahata;
> Tomoe Sugihara; Stephen Wong; Kanzhe Jiang; Bao Wang; Bob Melander;
> Salvatore Orlando; Armando Migliaccio; Mohammad Banikazemi; mark mcclain;
> Henry Gessau; Adrian Hoban; Hareesh Puthalath; Subrahmanyam Ongole; Fawad
> Khaliq; Baohua Yang; Maruti Kamat; Stefano Maffulli 'reed'; Akihiro Motoki;
> ijw-ubuntu; Stephen Gordon; Rudrajit Tapadar; Alan Kavanagh; Zoltán Lajos
> Kis
> Subject: Change in openstack/neutron-specs[master]: Introducing
> Tap-as-a-Service
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> Change subject: Introducing Tap-as-a-Service
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> Gerrit-Reviewer: Alan Kavanagh <alan.kavan...@ericsson.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Anil Rao <arao...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Armando Migliaccio <arma...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Bao Wang <baowan...@yahoo.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Baohua Yang <bao...@linux.vnet.ibm.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Bob Melander <bob.melan...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Carlos Gonçalves <m...@cgoncalves.pt>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Fawad Khaliq <fa...@plumgrid.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Hareesh Puthalath <hareesh.puthal...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Henry Gessau <ges...@cisco.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Isaku Yamahata <yamahata.rev...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Jenkins
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Kanzhe Jiang <kan...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Kyle Mestery <mest...@mestery.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Marios Andreou <mar...@redhat.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Maruti Kamat <maruti.ka...@hp.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Mohammad Banikazemi <m...@us.ibm.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Paul Carver <pcar...@att.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Pino de Candia <gdecan...@midokura.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Rudrajit Tapadar <rudrajit.tapa...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Ryan Moats <rmo...@us.ibm.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Salvatore Orlando <salv.orla...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Stefano Maffulli 'reed' <stef...@openstack.org>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Stephen Gordon <sgor...@redhat.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Stephen Wong <stephen.kf.w...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Subrahmanyam Ongole <song...@oneconvergence.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Sumit Naiksatam <sumitnaiksa...@gmail.com>
> Gerrit-Reviewer: Tomoe Sugihara <to...@midokura.com>
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