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> Is there anybody who'd like to step forward in defence of this rule and 
> explain why it is an improvement? I don't discount for a moment the 
> possibility I'm missing something, and welcome the education in that case

A reason I can think of would be to preserve namespacing (no possibility of 
function or class name collision upon import). Another reason could be 
maintainability, scenario being: Person 1 imports ClassA from a module to use, 
Person 2 comes along later and needs a different class from the module so they 
import ClassB from the same module to use, and it continues. If only the module 
had been imported, everybody can just do module.ClassA, module.ClassB instead 
of potentially multiple imports from the same module of different classes and 
functions. I've also read it doesn't cost more to import the entire module 
rather than just a function or a class, as the whole module has to be parsed 
either way.

melanie (melwitt)

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