The team behind the unified command line tool is preparing to ask the TC to 
allow us to become an official team. The openstack/python-openstackclient 
repository will be managed by this "new" team, and I suggested we also consider 
transferring ownership of openstack/cliff from Oslo at the same time.

Cliff was created specifically to meet the needs to python-openstackclient, and 
it is still primarily maintained by folks who will be members of the new team. 
Some projects outside of OpenStack have adopted it, so I think it makes sense 
to keep it as a separate repository and continue to release it that way (Oslo 
doesn’t have to be the only project team to do that, after all).

Dean will be submitting a governance change to create the new program, but 
before we do that I wanted to get general feedback from the team about the 
ownership change. We’ll repeat what we did with PyCADF and hacking when we 
transferred those, and offer anyone in oslo-core the chance to continue 
reviewing cliff code if they want to be on the cliff-core team.

Please let me know if you have objections or comments.


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