The Log Working Group is a cross project (horizontal) and community group that 
is working to rationalize log messages and logging practices across the 
OpenStack ecosystem.  This has been identified as a big concern within the user 
communities.  Anyone with an interest in improving logs, logging and 
documentation around this is encouraged to join in the discussion.

And, finally, announcing the Log Working Group's meeting days and times:

Wednesdays 20:00UTC in #openstack-meeting-4  (it's available, but I can't/don't 
know how to add to the calendar)

First meeting will be this Wednesday, March 4, 2015 and it's been added to the 

We'll discuss:

*         Intro/Getting organized/ Agenda

*         Error Codes (from the mailing list, and from Kilo Summit) , 

*         Action Items for Ops Midcycle meetup

*         Priorities

*         General Discussion

I'll have a wiki home page that will link all the etherpads and wiki pages 
relating to logging that I am aware of (Kilo etherpads, logging guidelines, 
best practices, etc) and will  put a link to it on the log-wg wiki page along 
with an etherpad link for this log-wg meeting.

I'm cross posting this to a number of mailing lists because of the broad 
interest in this.  Please let's keep the discussions relevant to the mailing 
list the message appears on.

--Rocky Grober

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