Hi Folks,

I was wondering if anyone can comment on the intended behavior of how 
instance.host is supported to be set during reschedule operations.  For 
example, take this scenario:

1. Assume an environment with a single host… call it host-1
2. Deploy a VM, but force an exception in the spawn path somewhere to simulate 
some "hypervisor error”
3. The scheduler correctly attempts to reschedule the VM, and ultimately ends 
up (correctly) with a NoValidHost error because there was only 1 host
4. However, the instance.host (e.g., [nova show <vm>]) is still showing 
‘host-1’ — is this the expected behavior?

It seems like perhaps the claim should be reverted (read: instance.host nulled 
out) when we take the exception path during spawn in step #2 above, but maybe 
I’m overlooking something?  This behavior was observed on a Kilo base from a 
couple weeks ago, FWIW.


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