John Griffith <> writes:
> ​Should we just rename this thread to "Sensitivity training for
> contributors"?

Culture plays a role in shaping ones expectations here. I was lucky
enough to grow up in open source culture, so I can identify an automated
response easily and I don't take it too seriously. Not everyone has the
same culture and although I agree we need to confront these gaps when
they impede us, it's more constructive to reach out and bridge the gap
than blame the outsider.

James E. Blair said on Tue, Mar 03, 2015 at 07:49:03AM -0800:
> If I had to deprioritize something I was working on and it was
> auto-abandoned, I would not find out.

You should receive messages from Gerrit about this. If you've made the
choice to disable or delete those messages, you should expect not to be
notified. The review dropping out of your personal dashboard active
review queue is a problem though - an email can be forgotten.

For what little it's worth, I think having a community-wide definition
of inactive and flagging that in the system makes sense. This helps us
maintain a clear and consistent policy in our tools. However, I've come
around to see that abandon semantics don't fit that flag. We need to
narrow in on what inactive really means and what effects the flag should
have. We may need two flags, one for 'needs submitter attention' and one
for 'needs review attention'.

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