Hi all,

This is a gentle reminder on the ML regarding Kilo-3 related reviews. Similar 
announcements have been made in the past few weeks during the Glance meetings 

A small summary of what the current status looks like for k-3 Glance:

  1.  Feature freeze for Glance is Mar 12th.
  2.  [1] has the list of specs/BPs targeted for Kilo. (They are also our 
priorities for this cycle).
  3.  [1] should also give information regarding what needs to be reviewed. 
Many of the specs have a mature enough code; and a little chance for them to 
need major feedback. So, they are basically waiting on core reviewers to show 
  4.  Please prefer to review specs over bugs at the moment as we can target 
bugs after Mar 12th before official freeze on Mar 19th (and some others during 
the RCs).
  5.  Only "Artifacts", "Catalog Index Service" and "Deactivate an Image" specs 
have been proposed for possible FFE candidates (based on the momentum they have 
been having in discussions and commitment of members to get issues resolved).
  6.  We are planning to do a release of the client and store lib before the 
official freeze for accommodating some of the features.
  7.  If you need more details, please refer to [2] and look for logs of 
meetings on or after Feb 12th for K3 related updates. If you still have 
questions, then feel free to reach out. Please remember this is a busy period 
so, turn around time will be more.

P.S. As some of the reviewers (and core-reviewers like Flavio and Zhi Yan) are 
not able to make it to the meetings often, this is a special announcement being 
made for their convenience.

[1] https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/kilo-3

[2] http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/glance/2015/

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