Thanks for the insight, other Doug. :)  It appears that this is in part due to 
the fact that Tempest has not yet updated to oslo_log and is still using 
incubator oslo.log.  Can someone from the Tempest team chime in on what the 
status of migrating to oslo_log is?

It’s imperative for us to fix our gate, since we’re blocked from landing any 
code, which just over a week away from a milestone release is a major 

-Doug Mendizábal

Douglas Mendizábal
IRC: redrobot
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> On Mar 9, 2015, at 8:58 PM, Doug Hellmann <> wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 9, 2015, at 05:39 PM, Steve Heyman wrote:
>> We are getting issues running barbican functional tests - seems to have
>> started sometime between Thursday last week (3/5) and today (3/9)
>> Seems that oslo config giving us DuplicateOptErrors now.  Our functional
>> tests use oslo config (via tempest) as well as barbican server code.
>> Looking into it...seems that oslo_config is 1.9.1 and oslo_log is 1.0.0
>> and a system I have working has oslo_config 1.9 and oslo_log at 0.4 (both
>> with same barbican code).
> We released oslo.log today with an updated setting for the default log
> levels for third-party libraries. The new option in the library
> conflicts with the old definition of the option in the incubated code,
> so if you have some dependencies using oslo.log and some using the
> incubated library you'll see this error.
> Updating from the incubated version to the library is not complex, but
> it's not just a matter of changing a few imports. There are some
> migration notes in this review:
> Let me know if you run into issues or need a hand with a review.
>> Also getting "Failure: ArgsAlreadyParsedError (arguments already parsed:
>> cannot register CLI option)"which seems to be related.
> This is probably an import order issue. After a ConfigOpts object has
> been called to parse the command line you cannot register new command
> line options. It's possible the problem is actually caused by the same
> module conflict, since both log modules register command line options. I
> would need a full traceback to know for sure.
> Doug
>> Is this a known issue? Is there a launchpad bug yet?
>> Thanks!
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