Hi all
will instance action deprecate in feature since we have notify mechanism now?
Currently, nova have instance action and instance event action to record 
specify actions performed on a instances.
For some enterprise user, they may need to compute the latency when they 
perform an action on an instance.

I check instance action only record the start time but no finish time. Instance 
action event have start time and finish time. But for 1 instance action , there 
may be several instance action event, so there is no necessary to check all 
instance action event, we only care about the action time itself, so a finished 
time is necessary to added into instance action.

I made a patch to add finish time of instance action in [1](but need to fix 
unit test issue), I wonder if it is worthy to
Spend time on debug unit test issue? Since I remember that instance action will 
be deprecated soon.

[1] https://review.openstack.org/162910

Best Regards,
Eli(Li Yong) Qiao.

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