> On Apr 24, 2015, at 6:17 AM, Luke Gorrie <l...@tail-f.com> wrote:
> Question regarding your candidacy:
> If I recall correctly you have spoken in favor of face to face discussions at 
> mid-cycle meetings as a practical way to set priorities and move things 
> forward. What are your current thoughts on the costs and benefits of this?

I don't think our TC should be involved in a project's decision to hold a
mid-cycle unless legitimate complaints about the openness of the mid-cycle
remain unaddressed by the project's leadership.

My experience is that face-to-face communication can aid in building the
relationships and technical understanding essential to writing good software.
The drawbacks are that proximity can be both expensive and exclusionary.  I
think it's up to each project community to decide whether a mid-cycle is
justified, and if so, work hard to minimize the downsides.  Foundation support
is often available for those that can't afford to attend for financial reasons.
For those that otherwise can't attend, there is the option of encouraging
designation of a representative, ensuring that the mid-cycle is recorded or
logged, and deferring decision-making on explored options to the wider community
after the mid-cycle.

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