> It sounds like we all agree -- the client we ship should default to a fixed,
> older version. Anyone who wants newer functionality can pass a newer version
> to their client.
> Here's the current state of things:
> server:
> - stable/kilo: 1.6
> - current: 1.11
> client:
> - stable/kilo: 1.6
> - latest release (0.7.0): 1.6
> - current: 1.9
> So -- since we haven't released a client that sends a header > 1.6, I
> propose that we set the client back to sending the 1.6 header right away.
> While having the client default to 1.1 would be ideal, this should still
> keep the "Jackson the Absent" of the world as happy as reasonably possible
> moving forward without breaking anyone that is packaging Kilo already.
> (yes, this may affect Olivia the Contributor, but that's OK because Olivia
> will have read this email :) )

There are no backwards incompatible changes from 1.6 to 1.9, so I
suggest we just leave it at 1.9 and don't break "Jackson" nor "Olivia"
(and have no assumptions about who will read this or not).


Apart from that I think most of the people agreed on the client
defaulting to the minimal version (which I'm assuming means 1.1). So
what people think? Should we add some warning messages when the
version is not specified in the CLI saying we are moving it back to
1.1 on the next releases? And then default it to 1.1 later?


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