Hi team,

I want to move the discussion in the review below to here, so that we can get 
more feedback


In summary, magnum currently added support for specifying the memory size of 
containers. The specification of the memory size is optional, and the COE won't 
reserve any memory to the containers with unspecified memory size. The debate 
is whether we should document this optional parameter in the quickstart guide. 
Below is the positions of both sides:


*         It is a good practice to always specifying the memory size, because 
containers with unspecified memory size won't have QoS guarantee.

*         The in-development autoscaling feature [1] will query the memory size 
of each container to estimate the residual capacity and triggers scaling 
accordingly. Containers with unspecified memory size will be treated as taking 
0 memory, which negatively affects the scaling decision.

*         The quickstart guide should be kept as simple as possible, so it is 
not a good idea to have the optional parameter in the guide.


[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/autoscale-bay
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