On 11/13/2015 07:58 AM, Sean Dague wrote:
The #openstack-api IRC channel is quite quiet most days. As such it's
not something that people are regularly checking in on, or often forget
about (I know I've been guilty of that). Plus we don't always have the
right people in a conversation to make a decision.

I'd like to propose we drop the channel entirely and make #openstack-sdk
the home of API working group conversations. That's where all the
openstackclient, openstackclientconfig, and sdk conversations are
happening. It's where the end consumers of any API WG effort are, so are
incredibly good sounding boards for things we are doing. There is
already a large overlap between the two channels, so just pushing
forward on that means more critical mass for conversations around the
whole space of a more usable API for users.

This came up at the last API WG meeting, but those are pretty low quorum
events, so this is a thing we should definitely decide over ML instead.

Please express your feelings here and lets make it happen. :)

i don't necessarily have an outright objection to this, but i would like explore the future possibilities of this change.

i think there is possibility for the api-wg to grow and take on more responsibility within the openstack community and i'm curious about the net effect down the road if that expansion were to occur. are there any side-effects we should be aware of as we merge the two channels/communities into one namespace?

i realize there is some overlap of engineering/design that takes place on these channels, i'm just concerned about the idea of merging the two and then at some point in the future wanting to separate them. i'm not proposing these thoughts to quash the idea of joining, i'd just like to more fully understand the longer term implications of a merge.

anyone with more experience in this community-oriented side of things have some light to shed?


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