The main log file that is missing is murano-engine log. It is murano-engine
who does the deployment. There are also no agent logs because agents are on
VMs and none of them were created.

>From what I see from you screenshots deployment task doesn't even reaches

There can be 2 possible reasons for this:

1) murano-engine is not running
2) incorrect configuration of oslo.messaging.

Murano API sends tasks to murano-engine through RabbitMQ using
oslo.messaging library. Settings in your config file differ from those in
mine. For example in my config file rabbit_host is in [DEFAULT] section
while in yours it is in [oslo_messaging_rabbit]. Maybe it is okay and my
config is outdated. Maybe you use newer version of oslo.messaging that has
different config or it can be configured in several ways. I'm not sure.

Sincerely yours,
Stan Lagun
Principal Software Engineer @ Mirantis


On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 8:54 AM, Vahid S Hashemian <
> wrote:

> Dmytro, Kate, Stan,
> Thank you for your responses. I'll try to provide more information about
> my environment and the deployment in this note.
> Hopefully, this will give you some clue about what the issue is with my
> setup.
>    1. The murano config file I am using is at
>    2. The HOT package I am trying to deploy is attached
>    3. A sample of log entries I see in murano log is at
>    4. No heat stack is created at all. As I mentioned in my previous
>    message, it's as if murano cannot talk to heat.
>    5. Heat engine logs are at
>    6. Heat API logs are at
>    7. Some screen shots are also attached that show the status of
>    deployment more than 30 minutes after start. Existing heat stacks show that
>    the template by itself was deployed to heat without an issue.
>    8. I couldn't find murano agent logs. Please let me know where I can
>    find them and I'll provide those too.
> Regards,
> --Vahid
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