Excerpts from gordon chung's message of 2016-03-11 16:32:41 +0000:
> hi folks,
> as the PTL nominations are open, i just want to note that i won't be 
> running again as the Telemetry PTL for Newton cycle.
> i've thoroughly enjoyed my time as PTL which afforded me the opportunity 
> to work with and learn from some great individuals who share the same 
> passion to collaborate openly. i have the utmost confidence that the 
> projects will continue to grow and become more refined under the next 
> leadership.
> personal thanks to everyone in Aodh, Ceilometer and Gnocchi communities 
> as well as the projects that provided valuable feedback by collaborating 
> with us. i thank you for sharing in the decision making so i could 
> spread the blame around. i also thank you for reading through terribly 
> written messages that make you question whether the shift keys on all my 
> keyboards are broken.
> cheers,

Thanks for a smooth release cycle, Gordon!


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