Hi all,

In our production environment, we enables glance_store for VMware datastore.
Configuration in glance-api.conf:

show_image_direct_url = True
stores= glance.store.vmware_datastore.Store
default_store = vsphere
vmware_server_username = administrator@vsphere.local
vmware_server_password = 1qaz!QAZ
vmware_datastores = ICT Test:F7-HPP9500-SAS-ICTHPCLUSTER03-LUN06

Firstly we boot an instance, make online snapshot for the VM, we see the
image stores on local file system:

Then we poweroff the VM, make offline snapshot, the image stores on VMware
direct_url    vsphere://

In Nova VCDriver, make snapshot will upload VM disk file to Glance image
server. But why different behaviour for the VM poweron and poweroff?

Hopes for your reply.
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