Hello everyone,

I'd like to announce my candidacy for I18n PTL.

I'm one of the most active translators since July 2013
when I18n team is a just working group, not an official project.
Also, I'm one of Japanese coordinators.
Japanese translation team is the most active team in I18n team.
We sometimes share a few tips from our experience to I18n team.

I18n team have spent a very great time for a long time.
Especially, after we became an official project,
we have became more collaborative in cross-language activity,
such as building dashboard translation check site.
I appreciate the current I18n PTL Daisy.
She made our team become an official project.

In the Newton cycle, I'd like to

* support dashboard and its plug-ins tranlation into more languages,

* facilitate documentation tranlation into more languages,

* design and improve translation process, glossary management,
  translation bug triage process, and so on.

Also, I'd like to feedback our experience to the translation
system Zanata and cooperate with Zanata and Infra team to improve
our translation efficiency.

I think user facing contents translation is essential to improve
user experience to the people having various language background.
I believe I18n activity is necessary for OpenStack to become
more and more universal.

Best regards,
KATO Tomoyuki (katomo)

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