On 16/09/16 05:46 AM, Julien Danjou wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 16 2016, Sam Morrison wrote:
>> Currently it is failing one test [1] and that is to do with retention.
>> This is because influxDB does retention based on the current time, e.g. a 1 
>> day retention policy will be from the current time.
>> The tests assume that the retention period is based on the data stored and 
>> so it will keep 1 day of data no matter how old that data is.
> lol, yeah the test assume it's a database that does not block you to
> insert things as you want. I feel like that being a bad and funny design
> decision (Whisper has the same defect).

i think i know why they did this. i originally thought we should do this 
since it'd make scheduling aggregation/compression tasks easier but i 
like the fact we handled this without limiting us to possible issues of 
what 'current time' is in distributed environment.

i've no idea how to fix this unless you could somehow mock time influx 
uses. you might want to just skip this test too?


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