Hi Julien,

> On 16 Sep 2016, at 7:46 PM, Julien Danjou <jul...@danjou.info> wrote:
>> I could push it up to gerrit but I think something will need to change
>> for it to run the influxdb tests?
> You can use pifpaf like we do for the indexer, InfluxDB is supported.
> That should make it possible to run the unit tests in the gate right
> away.

OK I’ve made some changes to support this, will push this to my branch shortly. 
Just fixing up a coupe more things.

> As for the functional tests, you can set up support via devstack and
> we wouldhad a job in infra.

Will look into this soon.

>> It should act more like the carbonara drivers now as opposed to the
>> old influx driver. It will do downsampling and retention based on the
>> archive policies.
> That's great, and I imagine it'd be faster than doing it on the fly like
> previously.
>> Currently it is failing one test [1] and that is to do with retention. 
>> This is because influxDB does retention based on the current time, e.g. a 1 
>> day retention policy will be from the current time. 
>> The tests assume that the retention period is based on the data stored and 
>> so it will keep 1 day of data no matter how old that data is.
> lol, yeah the test assume it's a database that does not block you to
> insert things as you want. I feel like that being a bad and funny design
> decision (Whisper has the same defect).
>> I also had to disable retention policies in influx while running the tests as
>> when I backfill data influx is too smart and won’t backfill data that 
>> wouldn’t
>> meet the retention policy.
> I imagine that's because some of our tests are using date in year e.g.
> 2014? :)

Yeah exactly, I think it is ok with these disabled. We can just trust that 
influx retention policies work.

> Great. Do you have performance numbers, scalability, or things that are
> different/better/worse than using Carbonara based drivers?

No performance numbers. Do you have a test in mind so I can compare. Is there a 
standard way to test this?


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