hello, team,

Trio2o git repository is ready now: https://github.com/openstack/trio2o

The repository inherited all files and commit messages from Tricircle.

It's now the time start to do the tricircle splitting: a blue print is 
registere for Tricircle cleaning: 
 are lots of documentation work to do. Please review these doc in the BP, 

There are some proposal for patches during the splitting:

1. For patch which is already in review status, let's review it in Tricircle 
(no matter it's for Trio2o or Tricircle), after it's get merged, then port it 
to Trio2o. After all patches get merged, let's have a last tag for Tricircle to 
cover both gateway and networking automation function. Then the cleaning will 
be done in Tricircle to make Tricircle as a project for networking automation 
2. For new patch which is only applicable to Trio2o, I propose that we submit 
such patches in Trio2o only, no need to submit in Tricircle.

Would like to know your thoughts on the splitting.

Best Regards
Chaoyi Huang(joehuang)

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