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On 9/18/16, 7:08 AM, "Thierry Carrez" <> wrote:

    Steven Dake (stdake) wrote:
    > Release team,
    > At one point Doug had indicated all projects would automatically branch
    > on tagging of rc1.  I notice in git no Kolla stable/newton branch
    > exists. Fwiw this is actually a good thing, because 33 patches have
    > merged since rc1 relating to things that need to go into Newton,
    > dramatically reducing the amount of backport work we need to do.  Part
    > of this was error on my part – not validating all FFE blueprints that
    > were marked Implemented were actually implemented.  One related to
    > monitoring (and part of the 33 patches since rc1) was actually “Needs
    > Review” rather than Implemented (as it was marked).
    > I don’t want Kolla to be a special snowflake wrt release processes, and
    > we can live with a branch on rc1.  A branch on rc2 would be far better
    > for us as we have roughly 250 bugs to triage or fix.  I leave it in the
    > release team’s capable judgement to decide best on a course of action.
    I'm probably the one to blame for that. Kolla follows milestones but is
    trailing the release, which makes it a bit of a release snowflake. I
    wasn't sure we should cut the stable branch at RC1 for such a case
    (since you're still far away from final).
    We should discuss what to do here (branch ASAP, branch at RC2...) on
    Monday on the release channel when Doug is around.
    > I would request that the expected time of branch be communicated clearly
    > to us for the Newton cycle.  I have been communicating with our team
    > that rc1 is where we branch.  Folks are now asking “where is the Newton
    > branch of Kolla?”
    FWIW Doug has been working on a spec so that projects communicate more
    clearly when they want the release branch to be cut. For
    milestone-driven projects it's usually clear (we branch at RC1), but for
    other cases (intermediary-released, trailing) options are a bit more
    open so having a way (through the openstack/releases repo) to clearly
    communicate "when" will definitely help.
    Thierry Carrez (ttx)
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