is this updated with a script or manually? i just took a quick look at 
this and some of the projects have a different information between the 
high-level "all projects" view and the detailed individual project view. 
this was something that was brought up a months ago so i assume it 
hasn't been looked at in a while.

for example, i'm not a PTL but it says i am one.

On 16/09/16 06:02 PM, Shamail wrote:
> Hi Kenny,
> The maturity metrics in the project navigator are derived using TC Managed 
> Tags[1] (binary) and Operator Tags[2] (non-binary).  The description each tag 
> can be found in the provided links.  The values for the tags are refreshed 
> periodically (e.g. once a release cycle for operator tags) and these are 
> pulled into the project navigator and displayed as the 8 maturity indicators 
> for the projects.  The ops-tag team meets once a month when we have new 
> submissions to review.  Anyone is welcome to submit a tag/indicator for 
> review.
> [1]
> [2]
> Thanks,
> Shamail
>> On Sep 16, 2016, at 2:04 PM, Kenny Johnston <> wrote:
>> OpenStackers,
>> What is the best way to understand the past discussion, and perhaps start a
>> new conversation about the maturity metrics found in the project
>> navigator[1]? I don't want to propose anything without knowing more of the
>> context of why the current metrics and thresholds were chosen.
>> Thanks!
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