Thanks for brining this to our attention. We pull data from many different sources for the Navigator. Most of the attributions for that data can be found under "Tag Details" or various "?" modal links on the page. For PTLs, we grab that data from the following: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openstack/governance/master/reference/projects.yaml. All data is pulled using a nightly cronjob.

However, it appears there is an error in the yaml that's preventing the data from being pulled. We're working to resolve the problem now. I'd like to suggest the following to prevent this moving forward:

* Add an email alert to the cronjob that pulls data. In the event of an error, send an alert to myself, Thierry Carez and Tom Fifeld to let us know if the ingest process fails
* Change "PTL for Latest Release" to "Current PTL", to avoid confusion
* Add IRC-Channel of project and IRC handle of PTL to help users get to the right spot

Jimmy McArthur

is this updated with a script or manually? i just took a quick look at
this and some of the projects have a different information between the
high-level "all projects" view and the detailed individual project view.
this was something that was brought up a months ago so i assume it
hasn't been looked at in a while.

for example, i'm not a PTL but it says i am one.

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