Hi all,

Last November, we discussed the OpenStack-announce list, defined its purpose more finely and moved some internal library announcements to -dev[1].

For reference, we describe the list as:

Subscribe to this list to receive important announcements from the
OpenStack Release Team and OpenStack Security Team.

This is a low-traffic, read-only list.

Unfortunately, the traffic on this list again regularly exceeds 100 messages a month - worse than last time we talked about it.

The feedback continues to come in from users that they find it more 'spam' than 'source of important announcements', which is not good news!

Quite a lot of the email rush tends to come from when a particular project releases multiple 'components' at once. A fine effort of release management, but in the current system each component's release triggers its own email.

For example, today the puppet team has been doing some great work with a 9.3.0 release. Many modules were updated. That's an "important announcement" for many of our users.

However, to get the "low-traffic" bit, we need to make that 1 email, instead of 30 :)

At least, that's my thinking. What's yours?



[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-December/082182.html

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