Steve Martinelli wrote:
> I think bundling the puppet, ansible and oslo releases together would
> cut down on a considerable amount of traffic. Bundling or grouping new
> releases may not be the most accurate, but if it encourages the right
> folks to read the content instead of brushing it off, I think thats
> worth while.

Yeah, I agree that the current "style" of announcing actively trains
people to ignore announces. The trick is that it's non-trivial to
regroup announces (as they are automatically sent as a post-job for each

Solutions include:

* A daily job that catches releases of the day and batches them into a
single announce (issue being you don't get notified as soon as the
release is available, and the announce email ends up being extremely long)

* A specific -release ML where all announces are posted, with a daily
job to generate an email (one to -announce for services, one to -dev for
libraries) that links to them, without expanding (issue being you don't
have the natural thread in -dev to react to a broken oslo release)

* Somehow generate the email from the openstack/release request rather
than from the tags


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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