Consider this a reversal of my vote for Debian deprecation.

Swapnil, thanks for bringing this fact to our attention.  It was missing from 
the original vote.  I don’t know why I didn’t bring up Benedikt’s contributions 
(which were substantial) just as Paul’s were substantial for Oracle Linux.  I 
guess the project is too busy for me to keep all the context in my brain.  The 
fact that there is no debian gate really is orthogonal to the discussion in my 
mind.  With this action we would be turning away a contributor who has made 
real contributions, and send the signal his work doesn’t matter or fit in with 
the project plans.

This is totally the wrong message to send.  Further others might interpret such 
an act as a “we don’t care about anyone’s contributions” which is not the 
culture we have cultivated since origination of the project.  We have built a 
culture of “you build it, we will accept it once it passes review”.  We want to 
hold on to that – it’s a really good thing for Kolla.  There have been 
rumblings in this thread and on irc of the expanding support matrix and our 
(lack) of dealing with it appropriately.  I think there are other ways to solve 
that problem without a policy hammer.

I added the fedora work originally along with others who have since moved on to 
other projects.  I personally have been unsuccessful at maintaining it, because 
of the change to DNF (And PTL is a 100% time commitment without a whole lot of 
time for implementation work).  That said Fedora moves too fast for me 
personally to commit to maintenance there – so my vote there remains unchanged.


On 9/20/16, 2:34 AM, "Paul Bourke" <> wrote:

    If it's the case Benedict or noone else is interested in continuing 
    Debian, I can reverse my vote. Though it seems I'll be outvoted anyway ;)
    On 20/09/16 10:21, Swapnil Kulkarni wrote:
    > On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 2:38 PM, Paul Bourke <> 
    >> -1 for deprecating Debian.
    >> As I mentioned in, Debian 
    >> was added incrementally by Benedikt Trefzer as recently as June. So it's
    >> reasonable to believe there is at least one active user of Debian.
    >> I would like to try get some input from him on whether he's still using 
    >> and would be interested in helping maintain by adding gates etc.
    >> On 19/09/16 18:44, Jeffrey Zhang wrote:
    >>> Kolla core reviewer team,
    >>> Kolla supports multiple Linux distros now, including
    >>> * Ubuntu
    >>> * CentOS
    >>> * RHEL
    >>> * Fedora
    >>> * Debian
    >>> * OracleLinux
    >>> But only Ubuntu, CentOS, and OracleLinux are widely used and we have
    >>> robust gate to ensure the quality.
    >>> For Debian, Kolla hasn't any test for it and nobody reports any bug
    >>> about it( i.e. nobody use Debian as base distro image). We (kolla
    >>> team) also do not have enough resources to support so many Linux
    >>> distros. I prefer to deprecate Debian support now.
    >>> Please vote:
    >>> 1. Kolla needs support Debian( if so, we need some guys to set up the
    >>> gate and fix all the issues ASAP in O cycle)
    >>> 2. Kolla should deprecate Debian support
    >>> Voting is open for 7 days until September 27st, 2016.
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    > +1 for #2
    > I agree with reasoning from Paul, though Debian support was being
    > added incrementally by Benedikt Trefzer but it has been stopped in
    > middle and all patches in the queue were abandoned [1]
    > [1],n,z
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