All teams should be working on release-critical bugs before the final

General Notes

29 Sept is the deadline for new release candidates or releases from
intermediary projects. After that point we will enter a quiet period
before tagging the last release candidates as final releases on 6 Oct.

Release Actions

Projects not following the milestone-based release model who want
stable/newton branches created should talk to the release team about
their needs. Remember, we always create stable branches from tagged
commits, so we need the tag to exist before we branch.

Watch for translation patches and merge them quickly to ensure we have
as many user-facing strings translated as possible in the release
candidates. If your project has already been branched, make sure those
patches are also applied to the stable branch.

Liaisons for projects with independent deliverables should import the
release history by preparing patches to openstack/releases.

Important Dates

Newton Last RC, 29 Sept.

Newton Final Release, 6 Oct.

Newton release schedule:

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