Hello All,

When the ceilometer sent over the data to gnocchi, Gnocchi will use uuid.uuid5 
for resource id, how to find it through the resource id belongs to the virtual 
machine, monitoring items? Will not be able to deal with resource id?

such as(The following example is used gnocchi version = 1.3 (L version)):
# gnocchi resource list
 a23d72a8-6fa3-545a-8b66-e512cac3aea3 | instance_network_interface | 
12fc4501-8408-43b2-8cb7-6f1e1462d80e | 48d883ba-76d0-4e30-ac6b-ab85d1041c96 | 
2016-10-12T08:05:55.397722+00:00 | None  

# neutron port-show a23d72a8-6fa3-545a-8b66-e512cac3aea3
Unable to find port with name 'a23d72a8-6fa3-545a-8b66-e512cac3aea3'

How should we find the instance network_interface input which instance, which 
is the port?

Thank you very much for reading my question, I hope to get your help!
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