On Wed, Oct 12 2016, 冯朝阳 wrote:

> such as(The following example is used gnocchi version = 1.3 (L version)):
> # gnocchi resource list
>  a23d72a8-6fa3-545a-8b66-e512cac3aea3 | instance_network_interface |
> 12fc4501-8408-43b2-8cb7-6f1e1462d80e | 48d883ba-76d0-4e30-ac6b-ab85d1041c96 |
> 2016-10-12T08:05:55.397722+00:00 | None
> # neutron port-show a23d72a8-6fa3-545a-8b66-e512cac3aea3
> Unable to find port with name 'a23d72a8-6fa3-545a-8b66-e512cac3aea3'

First, an instance_network_interface is a NIC on a compute so it's unrelated to
a Neutron port. I guess it might be connected to it, but that's just in
the case you're actually using Neutron.

Then, you can use gnocchi resource search using the original_resource_id
or instance_id field to find the NIC you're looking for.

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