Greetings OpenStack community,

Today's meeting began with a quick review of the API usability tests that are being conducted at the Barcelona Summit[7]. We also had two lively discussions which took up most of the meeting: one about collecting and improving error messages across OpenStack, and the other about request semantics with regards to GET and body processing. All interested parties can find the logs in the usual place [5] for the full details.

In the first conversation, Eddie Ramirez shared some work that he and his team have been creating to help improve how we consume errors in OpenStack. So far, they have done work collecting errors from a few of the most common projects and have incorporated this effort into an error knowledge base website[8]. There is some great work here, and we look forward to this process advancing with help from the greater OpenStack community, here is an etherpad where some ideas have been collected[9].

The other conversation was brought by Ed Leafe and concerns how GET requests can be filtered by using either request URL parameters or by adding a body to the request. This topic is in relation to a spec[10] currently winding its way through the Nova project, and the sincere desire of that team to create an API guideline to help define their process.

All in all, a great meeting with good participation and several interesting topics.

# New guidelines

There are no new guidelines that have been merged this week, but we did accept a change to the landing page.

* add a warning about json expectations

# API guidelines that have been recently merged

Nothing new in the recent past.

# API guidelines proposed for freeze

The following guidelines are available for broader review by interested parties. These will be merged in one week if there is no further feedback.

No new guidelines proposed for freeze this week

# Guidelines currently under review [6]

* Specify time intervals based filtering queries

# API Impact reviews currently open

Reviews marked as APIImpact [1] are meant to help inform the working group about changes which would benefit from wider inspection by group members and liaisons. While the working group will attempt to address these reviews whenever possible, it is highly recommended that interested parties attend the API WG meetings [2] to promote communication surrounding their reviews.

To learn more about the API WG mission and the work we do, see OpenStack API Working Group [3].

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

[6]:,n,z [7]:

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