In Newton we replaced the CONF.libvirt.use_usb_tablet option with CONF.pointer_model, both default to creating a usb tablet input device for HVM guests in the libvirt driver.

To straddle backward compatibility with use_usb_tablet=False, we added None and ps2mouse as options for the pointer_model config option, which basically mean if you specify those you get whatever default input device there is (ps2mouse for libvirt x86).

The hw_pointer_model image metadata takes precedence over the config option in nova.

I noticed today that the hw_pointer_model ImageMeta object property is using a field with a single enum, 'usbtablet'. So while the config option lets you set None/ps2mouse/usbtablet, the image meta value can only be usbtablet if it's set.

This is important because we don't have hw_pointer_model defined in the glance libvirt image metadefs:

I'd like to add it but the only value you can have for it is 'usbtablet' right now. Having a single enum value seems kind of weird, but maybe that's fine. I only found 3 other image metadefs in glance that had 'None' as possible enum values.

So would we define 'ps2mouse' as a hw_pointer_model option in nova or just add hw_pointer_model to glance and it has a single enum value for setting it, which is usbtablet? If you don't want usbtablet then you don't add hw_pointer_model to your image - HOWEVER - given we default CONF.pointer_model='usbtablet' we're still going to try and set it when creating the guest, which may or may not fail depending on your other config for that compute host (e.g. any non-kvm/qemu virt_type will fail).

Alternatively we could change the default value of CONF.pointer_model to be None and then it's purely an opt-in behavior, but it would be a change in default behavior for guests on kvm/qemu hosts.



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