Hi guys,
   1. I set the conifg deferred_auth_method with value trusts, so a trust 
record will be created in keystone when creating a stack, and heat save the 
trust result  to db.
   2. Delete the stack, if all resources has been deleted successfully, heat 
will delete the trust record in keytstone, then clean the db record in heat, if 
an exception occrured when deleting the trust in keystone, heat just print a 
error log and ignore the exception, then set the state of stack to DELETE 
FAILED, but the db record in heat has been deleted,  though the trust record is 
still in keystone.
   3. Delete the stack again, because all resource and trust record in heat has 
beened deleted, the stack delete successfully this time,  the trust in keystone 
created by the stack is still exsit.

  My heat version is Mitaka, I think this may be a BUG,  if it's just a correct 
desigin in heat, could any one help me?

Best Regards,








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