On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 4:39 PM, zhu4236926 <zhu4236...@126.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
>    1. I set the conifg deferred_auth_method with value trusts, so a trust
> record will be created in keystone when creating a stack, and heat save the
> trust result  to db.
>    2. Delete the stack, if all resources has been deleted successfully, heat
> will delete the trust record in keytstone, then clean the db record in heat,
> if an exception occrured when deleting the trust in keystone, heat just
> print a error log and ignore the exception, then set the state of stack to
> DELETE FAILED, but the db record in heat has been deleted,  though the trust
> record is still in keystone.
>    3. Delete the stack again, because all resource and trust record in heat
> has beened deleted, the stack delete successfully this time,  the trust in
> keystone created by the stack is still exsit.
>   My heat version is Mitaka, I think this may be a BUG,  if it's just a
> correct desigin in heat, could any one help me?


We've had issues around that area, so it's possible there is a bug,
but what you describe looks mostly like correct behavior. Unless the
keystone error was transient, and we're meant to retry. What kind of
errors do you get exactly?


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