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On Thu, Oct 13, 2016, at 05:47 PM, Emilien Macchi wrote:
Greetings OpenStack,

== Background

Since the beginning of OpenStack (or almost), devstack has been used
as a common tool to deploy OpenStack in CI environment. Most of
OpenStack projects (if not all) that are written in Python use it to
deploy the different components.
While devstack became popular and the reference in term of deployment
tool for continuous integration, devstack doesn't deploy OpenStack in
production (versus some tools like Kolla, Fuel, TripleO, Juju, etc).
It means things might (and did) break when deploying OpenStack outside
devstack, for different reasons. Some examples:

* until recently, SSL was not tested, and I believe some projects
still don't test with SSL enabled.
* IPv6 is not tested everywhere.

IPv6 testing likely means two different things to two different groups
of people. First is whether or not the cloud endpoints are hosted over
IPv6 and the other is whether or not instances launched by openstack are
assigned IPv6 addresses. The second thing has been tested for quite a
while now (tempest has had tests for it for almost 2 years though it
hasn't been enabled in the gate for that long). We should definitely
ensure that we are testing with openstack servers listening on IPv6
addresses as well.

The first item - IPv6 service endpoints, is actually covered by an experimental job (tempest-dsvm-neutron-serviceipv6), and devstack supports it in local.conf:


Last year it was working great, bug I've noticed there are failures now, I'll take a crack at getting it all working again. Maybe it's something we could then promote to voting?


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