This is a final draft of TripleO summit sessions. Please let me know
any feedback or schedule conflict before end of week so maybe we can
still arrange things.

TripleO: Containers - Current Status and Roadmap
Wed 26  3:55pm-4:35pm

TripleO: Work Session - Growing the team
Wed 26  5:05pm-5:45pm

TripleO: Work Session - CI - current status and roadmap
Wed 26  5:55pm-6:35pm

TripleO: Upgrades - current status and roadmap
Thu 27  1:50pm-2:30pm

TripleO: Work Session - Composable Undercloud deployment with Heat
Fri 28  9:00am-9:20am

TripleO: Work Session - GUI, CLI, Validations current status, roadmap,
Fri 28  9:20am-9:40am

TripleO: Work Session - Multiple topics
Fri 28  9:50am-10:30am
Blueprints, specs, tools and Ocata summary.

See you next week, safe travel everyone!
Emilien Macchi

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