Hi all,

I intended to use etcd as data store for Zun project. So I installed docker and 
started a docker container with an etcd server running in it using
devstack script.  The etcd server listens on for client 
requests. And per CI log [1] the container had been started successfully and
functioned well (I added some test code and etcd server is available on

But during the execution of unit test cases, the connection to 
became inavailable [2], all the cases tried to connect to etcd server
failed. I did some investigation and found that the test cases were running in 
an isolated network environment (maybe within an container?).
So the etcd server can not be reached via during test run.

I intended to configure etcd server to listen on an IP address which can be 
reached from the test envrionment, but I realized that even if I did that,
it's not easy to query that IP address in test cases. An alternative method is 
to forward the request sent to of test environment to
corresponding socket of the environment inwhich the etcd container is running.

Now I have no idea how to deal with this issue, please help me out! Thanks in 


Best Regards,
Wenzhi Yu (yuywz)
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