On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 7:39 AM, Sean Dague <s...@dague.net> wrote:

> On 01/12/2017 01:35 PM, Scott D'Angelo wrote:
> > TL;DR: Let's discuss Version Discovery and Endpoints in the Service
> > Catalog at the PTG in Atlanta.
> >
> > The topic of Versioning and the Endpoints discovered in the Service
> > Catalog was discussed in today's API Working Group Meeting[1].
> > A previous ML post[2] claimed:
> >
> > In a perfect world, every endpoint would return the same type of
> resource -
> > most likely the versions resource as described in the API WG
> Microversions
> > spec. It would also be nice if version negotiation can happen without
> > requiring authentication, the easiest path to which would be supporting
> the
> > 'max_version' and 'min_version' fields in the root versions resource.
> >
> > One problem is multiple versioned service names in the catalog for a
> > given service[3], as opposed to a single endpoint that would return
> > version info[4].
> >
> > Can we get to this "perfect world"? Let's discuss at the PTG.....
> > It is my understanding that we do not have the ability to schedule a
> > time or room for such a cross-project discussion. Please chime in if
> > interested, and/or make your interest known to scottda, mordred, or
> edleafe.
> Happy to join in on this, it does seem weird there is no time / space
> for such things at PTG.
> We actually had a rough sketch of a plan last year here which would go a
> slightly different direction, and get that all up into the service
> catalog. That also ensures consistent schema enforcement, as it would
> all be through keystone.
> Definitely need keystone folks in the room to be able to make forward
> progress here I think, because part of the tension in the past has been
> understanding domain boundaries, and it would be a shame to do a ton of
> work in all the projects that could be easily done in one project, just
> because of communication gaps.

If theres a room I'll be there, and try to rope in other folks too.
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