Sean Dague wrote:
> On 01/12/2017 01:35 PM, Scott D'Angelo wrote:
>> [...]
>> Can we get to this "perfect world"? Let's discuss at the PTG.....
>> It is my understanding that we do not have the ability to schedule a
>> time or room for such a cross-project discussion. Please chime in if
>> interested, and/or make your interest known to scottda, mordred, or edleafe.
> Happy to join in on this, it does seem weird there is no time / space
> for such things at PTG.

We'll have a room available for such inter-team discussions at the PTG.
However, since only a fragment of our community will be present at the
PTG, we need to be careful to avoid exclusion. Ideally we would only use
that room to discuss things that are only relevant to upstream
development teams, and use the "Forum" in Boston to hold truly
cross-project / community-wide discussions. The typical target for the
discussion room at the PTG are therefore ad-hoc discussions between PTG
teams, where a separate fishbowl room makes more sense than holding it
in a specific team room.

As far as scheduling goes, the "discussion" room at the PTG should be
available from Monday to Thursday, and scheduled in unconference-style,
to give flexibility to have the discussions we need to have. Current
plan is to use an ethercalc document to share the schedule.

For critical discussions (which don't belong to any given room, fit the
cross-section of our community present, and/or can't wait until Boston)
we could totally hardcode them in the schedule for the discussion
room... but we should probably keep those to a minimum and use team
rooms as much as possible.

How much time do you think that discussion would need ? If more than a
few hours it's probably just simpler to give it a full team room.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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