Hi All,

First and foremost would like to wish you all a successful 2017 ahead and with 
this I'm announcing my PTL candidacy of the Quality Assurance team for the Pike 
release cycle.

I am glad to work in OpenStack community and would like to thank all the 
contributors who supported me to explore new things which brings out my best 
for the community.

Let me introduce myself, briefly. I have joined the OpenStack community 
development in 2014 during mid of Ice-House release. Currently, I'm 
contributing in QA projects and Nova as well as a core member in Tempest. Since 
Barcelona Summit, I volunteered  as mentor in the upstream training. It's 
always a great experience to introduce OpenStack upstream workflow to new 
contributors and encourage them.

Following are my contribution activities:
* Review:  
* Commit:  

I have worked on some key areas on QA like Interfaces migration to lib, JSON 
schema response validation(for compute), API Microversion testing framework in 
Tempest, Improve test coverage and Bug Triage etc.

QA program has been immensely improved since it was introduced which increased 
upstream development quality as well as helping production Cloud for their 
testing and stability. We have a lot of ideas from many different contributors 
to keep improving the QA which is phenomenal and I truly appreciate.

Moving forwards, following are my focus areas for Pike Cycle:

* Help the other Projects' developments and Plugin Improvement:
OpenStack projects consider the quality is important and QA team needs to 
provide useful testing framework for them. Projects who all needs to implement 
their tempest tests in plugin, focus will be to help plugin tests improvement 
and so projects quality. Lot of Tempest  interfaces are moving towards stable 
interfaces, existing plugin tests needs to be fixed multiple times. We are 
taking care of those and helping them to migrate smoothly. But there are still 
many  interfaces going to migrate to lib and further to be adopted on plugin 
side. I'd like to have some mechanism/automation to trigger plugins to know 
about change interfaces before it breaks them. Also help them to use the 
framework correctly. This helps the other non-core projects' tests.

* Improve QA projects for Production Cloud:
This will be the main focus area. Having QA projects more useful for Production 
Cloud testing is/will be great achievement for QA team. This area has been 
improved a lot since last couple of cycles and still a lot to do. We have to 
improve Production scenario testing coverage and make all QA projects easy to 
configure and use. During Barcelona summit, 2 new projects are initiated which 
will definitely help to achieve this goal.
  *        RBAC Policy -  https://github.com/openstack/patrole
  *        HA testing  -  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/374667/
  *        Hoping for more in future
There will be more focus on those projects and new ideas which will help 
production Cloud testing in more powerful way.

* JSON Schema *response* validation for projects:
JSON schema response validation for compute APIs has been very helpful to keep 
the APIs quality and compatibility. Currently many projects support 
microversion which provides a way to introduce the APIs changes in Backward 
compatible way. I'd like to concentrate on response schema validation for those 
projects also. This helps the OpenStack interoperability and the APIs 

* Improve Documentation and UX:
Documentation and UX are the key part for any software. There have been huge 
improvement in UX , documentation side and new Tempest workflow is available.  
Still configuration and usage is the pain point for Users. During summit/ptg or 
other platforms I'd like us to have more feedbacks from users and improve 
accordingly. Making configuration easy for people is one of the area we will be 
focusing on.

* Bring on more contributor and core reviewers:
QA projects have been one of the active projects during last couple of years 
and I'd like the team to mentor new contributors to help QA projects in planned 
goal and get them to a place where they will be ready for core reviewers.

* Migrate required Tempest Interfaces as stable to lib:
We together have done great job in this area which helped plugin tests. In 
Service clients migration, Object Storage service client are left and all 
others have been moved as stable interfaces. Lot of others framework/interface 
also available in lib. But still lot of unstable interfaces are being used in 
Plugins which should be migrated to lib soon. In Pike cycle, we will wind up 
all remaining service client migration and other required interfaces.

* Last but not the least, Openness is great power of Open Source and so does 
OpenStack. All new ideas from anyone will be most welcome.

Thanks to previous QA PTL, Sean, Matthew, Kenichi who have shown great 
leadership quality and taken QA projects to a new height. I have learnt a lot 
from them which motivates me.

I look forward to contributing to all of these areas and more during the Pike 


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