On 1/24/2017 9:18 AM, Matt Riedemann wrote:

First, thanks to Kevin and Alex for finding this issue and explaining it
in detail so we can understand the scope.

This is a nasty unfortunate issue which I really wish we could just fix
without a microversion bump but we have microversions for a reason,
which is to fix issues in the API. In thinking about if this were the
legacy 2.0 API, we always had a rule that you couldn't fix bugs in the
API if they changed the behavior, no matter how annoying.

So let's fix this with a microversion. I don't think we need to hold it
to the feature freeze deadline as it's a microversion only for a bug
fix, it's not a new feature. So that's a compromise at least and gives
us some time to get this done correctly and still have it fixed in
Ocata. We'll also want to document this in the api-ref and REST API
version history in whatever way makes it clear about the limitations
between microversions.

As for testing, I think using a mix of test inheritance and using
2.latest is probably a good step to take. I know we've had a mix of that
in different places in the functional API samples tests, but there was
never a clear rule about what do to with testing microversions and if
you should use inheritance to build on existing tests.

One other thing: we're going to need to also fix this in python-novaclient, which we might want to do first, or work concurrently, since that's going to give us the client side perspective on how gross it will be to deal with this issue.



Matt Riedemann

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