From: Anne Gentle <>
Date: Friday, May 19, 2017 at 12:17 AM
To: Alexandra Settle <>
Cc: Openstack-doc-core <>, 
"" <>, Doug Hellmann <>
Subject: Re: [Openstack-doc-core] [openstack-doc-core] Summit update

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 5:42 AM, Alexandra Settle 
<<>> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Before I send out my summary email to the greater mailing lists, I felt I 
should reach out to you all first as the gate keepers of the documentation 

As we all know, we are rapidly losing key contributors and core reviewers. We 
are not alone, this is happening across the board. It is making things harder, 
but not impossible. Since our inception in 2010, we’ve been climbing higher and 
higher trying to achieve the best documentation we could, and uphold our high 
standards. This is something to be incredibly proud of.

However, we now need to take a step back and realise that the amount of work we 
are attempting to maintain is now out of reach for the team size that we have. 
At the moment we have 13 cores, of which none are full time contributors or 
reviewers. This includes myself.

That being said! I have spent the last week at the summit talking to some of 
our leaders, including Doug Hellmann (cc’d), Jonathan Bryce and Mike Perez 
regarding the future of the project. Between myself and other community 
members, we have been drafting plans and coming up with a new direction that 
will hopefully be sustainable in the long-term.

I am interested to hear your thoughts. I want to make sure that everyone feels 
that we’re headed in the right direction first and foremost. All of these 
action items are documented in this WIP etherpad:

Here’s a few action items I’d like to highlight:

1.       We have a detailed outline in the above 
etherpad<> on the action items 
going forward with the Installation Guide.
a.       Send email to the openstack-dev mailing list requesting input with 
regards to the project-specific installation guide move:
                                                                i.      Request 
solutions from the remaining teams that are pushing back against in-tree 
                                                               ii.      Agree 
upon long-term maintenance solution for Installation Guide.
2.       In the Administration and Operations Guide 
session<> we asked operators 
what they wanted and how they wanted to go forward. Through a vote in the room, 
operators agreed that they would like to see the Operations Guide moved out of 
the openstack-manuals repo, and placed into the OpenStack 
wiki<> for their own maintenance. We lose ownership, 
but we also empower the operators to maintain their own guide.

Sounds fine, though who will do the migration? I'd also make sure it's not only 
the people in the room who traveled that get a vote.

One of the things we mentioned in the room is that there would be a message to 
the operations mailing list and that this would be a final decision. 
Admittedly, I am trying to avoid going in circles a thousand times. If you all 
think another vote would be best, I can do that.

I think I will probably do this migration. But other migrations we are going to 
need help. We will do our best to appeal and use project liaisons to help ☺

3.       Work on improving the config ref auto-generation files using sphinx 
a.       Move away from using the flagmapping files (reduce manual labour)
b.       See:
4.       Ensure the CLI ref is documenting the unified client (move to the OSC 
Does this mean stop creating the nova CLI ref and so on? Sounds good to me.

I would say so, yes. Doug?

5.       Implement the archiving solution for the Pike release.

Do we have someone assigned now?

Yes, Brian and Lana still believe they can help out, and Petra Sargent put up 
her hand too.

6.       After the Pike release, include a note on the Architecture Guide and 
cease edits after that point in time.
Can this also go to the wiki or no? Not sure why this one stays for Pike?

It’s still being worked on in the Pike release, and because we have had a 
considerable amount of work done to this guide while being in a draft state. I 
do not wish to pull this one down to simply be tucked away. I think it is 
beneficial has a stateless guide with the promise of no further working 
7.       After a period of time, any documents that are not being maintained, 
or groups have not taken ownership (Examples: Security, HA, and Networking 
Guides), they will be moved out of the openstack-manuals repo and onto the 
Legacy list.

These action items will free up the documentation team to become gate keepers 
and reviewers of documentation. Our key focus as a team will be on the tooling 
for the<> site (including the API 

Sounds like the natural next step.

Glad you’re on board :D

I’m really interested to hear everyone’s thoughts going forward – this is not 
set in stone. We need to change our strategy, and now is the time. If you’d 
rather reach out and discuss this personally, asettle on IRC is always the best 
place to find me.



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