It sounded like a rough schedule would be helpful for people in the Infra 
meeting today so I've gone ahead ans started work on one. You can see the 
current iteration at https://ethercalc.openstack.org/cvro305izog2.

Our PTG week is split in two. The first two days will be taken up by the Infra 
Helproom. If you are able to hang out in the room and help out the projects 
that will be signing up on the ethercalc that would be great (I expect I will 
be there the entire time). Then the last three days of the week will be spent 
on infra specific hacking and conversations etc. For these days I've pencilled 
in Zuul for the first half of our time because it is about half the total 
number of topics proposed and some people working on Zuul will be leaving early 
Friday. Then for the rest of the time I've penciled in rough topics based on 
the categorization I did at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/infra-rocky-ptg.

Please look this over and make sure it works for you. Let me know if there are 
major issues and we will do our best to accommodate everyone.

You might also notice that Storyboard is not really on the schedule. More than 
happy to have them and make sure they have electricity and caffeine. I just 
wasn't sure when Zara and SotK and others would be around. Maybe the 
storyboarders can add a note on the ethercalc for when they will be around so 
that people interested in storyboarding can find the group?

Some other general PTG scheduling item that might interest you include the 
board meeting on Monday and game night Thursday 

Thank you,

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