I'd like to add a third party CI of networking-spp project.[1]
But, I have some question about it.
I'd appreciate it if you give information.

My wishes are the following:

* I'd like to run my test on my environment.
  Because my test requires special environment.
* I'm planning that check new patch-sets and run my test by ZuulV3.

So I built ZuulV3 and nodepool on my environment, and pushed .zuul.yaml
to gerrit.[2]

But, the following error was returned.
Should I add settings of my third party CI to project-config in this case?
If it is "Yes", is there documents about the way?

I confirmed <https://docs.openstack.org/infra/system-config/third_party.html>,
but there was no information for ZuulV3.

Zuul encountered a syntax error while parsing its configuration in the
repo openstack/networking-spp on branch master.  The error was:

  Pipelines may not be defined in untrusted repos, they may only be
  defined in config repos.



Best regards,
Rikimaru Honjo

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