Hi all,

There have been some schedule updates for the Ops design summit sessions:


New Sessions added:
* Ops Meetups Team
* Some working groups not previously listed
* Horizon: Operator and Plugin Author Feedback
* Neutron: End user and operator feedback
* Barbican: User and Operator Feedback Session

and some minor room and time changes too - please doublecheck your schedule!

** Call for Moderators **

We really need a moderator for:
>>     * HAProy, MySQL, Rabbit Tuning

since it looks like it will be one of the most popular sessions, but we don't have a moderator yet.

These sessions will be canceled unless we can find a moderator:
>>     * Fleet Management
>>     * Swift
>>     * Horizon
>>     * Alt Deployment tech
>>     * ControlPlane Design(multi region)

For those of you who want to know what it takes check out the Moderator's Guide: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Operations/Meetups#Moderators_Guide & ask questions - we're here to help!



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