Hi all,

Has anyone else tried this combination?

We've set up some new computes with dual Xeon Gold 6150s (18c/36t), so
72 logical cores with hyperthreading. We're trying to launch a Windows
Server 2012 R2 guest (hyperv enlightenments enabled via image
properties os_type=windows, and virtio 141 drivers, built with
CloudBase's scripts (thanks guys!)) with 72 vCPUs (host-passthrough)
and 340GB RAM. On qemu 2.5 from cloudarchive Newton the guest sits in
a boot loop, with qemu 2.10 from Pike we hit the "Windows failed to
start" screen (status: 0xc0000001).

The interesting thing is that smaller numbers of vCPUs, e.g. splitting
the host in half 2x 36 vCPU guests, seems to be working fine. We've
also set the guest CPU topology so that Windoze is seeing the host
topology, but still no joy. Looking for some secret sauce we can poor
on this?


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